Leaves and grass Free Photoshop Brush Download.

Leaves and grass
Leaves and grass

Design by: Amelius | License : Check Original source

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Leaves and grass. Free Download Adobe Photoshop Free Brushes from category Nature Brushes. Design by Amelius. Free Photoshop brush file format available ABR. Photoshop Free brush tagged as Botanical, Botany, foliage, forest, garden, .

Notes from Designer Amelius : Hey guys, more brushes for your use! The top are all drawn either on paper or by tablet on the computer, by me of course, and the bottom ones are leave and plants that I scanned in and cleaned up and made brushes out of . Anyone can do this of course, but I saved you most of the bother if you want to cut to the chase! Also, if you have a version of GIMP above 2.4, these brushes can also be used for it. Just find the brushes files in the program files for Gimp (the path will be local disc-program files-Gimp2.0-share-Gimp-2.0-Brushes) and paste this .Abr file into the folder (where everything is labeled with the extension ".GBR".) What next? Go to Gimp and hit "refresh" on your brush palette, and the photoshop brushes will load there! Unfortunately, I'm new to Gimp and as such do not know how to get the brushes to flip jitter like they do for Photoshop, so I think you may have to do it manually by making the brushes into an image hose. Otherwise, you can use the paintbrush modifier to get these to jitter size and spread. I hope these are useful to everyone! I'll be posting the tutorial soon, but I have one thing to get out of the way yet. I've kept someone waiting for long enough, and she's already been super patient with me! Now, onwards with me!

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